Welcome to Coaching with Care

COACHING with CARE is a specialist coaching service for people working in health and social care.


  •  Are you in a senior position within a health or social care organisation?


  • Are you both owner and manager of your service?


  • Do you have responsibility for supervising individual staff and managing teams?


  • Ever feel under pressure, over worked -yet the responsibility rests with you?


  • Does your work impact on your personal/home life?


  • Do you wish you had someone neutral outside of work that you could talk to?



     If so, you may find that coaching could be of benefit to both you as an individual and as a skill you could develop with your staff.





If you would like to be part of a small support group for registered managers of social care services, a new group is starting in Salisbury in September 2012. 


If you would like me to run a peer support group in your area or within your organisation  please contact me for further details; I would need a minimum of 5 interested people and a suitable room!


What other people say about attending the groups:


"I really enjoy the group, it is the only supervision and support that I have as a Manager and Proprietor. I find ti to be very professional, resourceful and a great opportunity to discuss difficulties, concerns and issues with people in the same situation. I find the small group works best and it is helpful because we are able to support and encourage each other"


Independent supervision sessions have enabled me to dispassionately contemplate my personal goals alongside those professional plans of my organisation".



Safe space to explore difficult work situations with my peers, which is not currently provided within my working environment.


A forum where “hot topics” can be discussed freely with an experienced peer group.


The benefit of multiple experienced minds being brought to bear on my “thorny issues”.


Dedicated protected time to exchange views and opinions with my peers outside of my own organisation.


Managers Support Group 2016 Flyer & Booking form
Managers support group 2016 dates and bo[...]
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Koru:the maori name given to the new unfurling fern frond which symbolises new life,growth, renewal, strength and peace